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Maurer's Grand Restaurant Selection, the guide to the best and most interesting restaurants in the Czech Republic, has its first free mobile phone application for iPhone and Android.

The nationwide survey, Maurer's Grand Restaurant Selection, has already been running for 15 years. The guide is published on the web, and restaurant goers have to possibility to rate restaurants from our website. Now with our new mobile phone application, you can instantly rate a restaurant while you are there. Ratings are given as in marks for Czech schools from 1(best) to 5 (worst) in categories for food, service, and interior. The Grand Restaurant application also allows you to locate restaurants according to various parameters, such as cuisine, region or particular characteristics (garden, wifi, etc.). Restaurants are also displayed graphically on a map. If you need to quickly choose a restaurant, you will appreciate the function “Nearest/Njebližší”, which finds the nearest restaurants according to your current GPS position. There is also the TOP 10 list of the best restaurants according to different parameters.

The Grand Restaurant application can be installed for free from your iPhone using the App Store or download it using iTunes from your computer. For phones running on Android, you can download it from the Android Market. We have recently prepared an application for users of phones using Windows Phone, which you can download here. Although the program is simple to use, you can download (in czech) a short guide describing how it works (the manual describes the version for the iPhone, but the operation for other platforms is similar).

We hope you will enjoy the application and rate the restaurants you visit.

Screenshot of the iPhone version:
Aplikace - start 2019
Aplikace - seznam
Aplikace - Top 10
Aplikace - hodnocení
Aplikace - mapa

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