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Grand Restaurant Festival – Safe drinking water with UNICEF

A lack of clean water and sanitation facilities poses one of the most serious threats today. 663 million people worldwide have to survive without safe drinking water, and 159 million most deprived are forced to consume polluted surface water, because they have no other option. Children’s lives are exposed to most imminent danger.
Every day, over 800 children die from preventable diseases caused by poor water and a lack of sanitation and hygiene.

Your water sampled at The Last Supper event has helped those who have no access to clean water! For all the water you drank at The Last Supper during the tastings (545) on 28. 02. 2019 on the final day of Grand Restaurant Festival, we donated 54 500 CZK to people who have no access to clean water.

2.5 million litres of water were purified thanks to you.
This is the outcome of Grand Restaurant Festival 2019

Together, we supported UNICEF’s programme. Thank you for every single drop.



2018 Prague Food Festival – Goats for Rwanda!

UNICEF - Kozy pro Rwandu UNICEF - Kozy pro Rwandu

38% of kids in Rwanda suffer from chronic malnutrition caused by monotonous diet and lack of proteins, iron and other nutrients necessary for their healthy development. UNICEF in the cooperation with Rwanda's local volunteers develops pilot programs focused on elimination of child malnutrition and enhancing the food self-sufficiency in the poorest communities: we provide children with the necessary vitamins, we educate mothers in the principles of proper nutrition, in the importance of breastfeeding and birth control. Within the "cattle bank" project we also supply domestic animals and resistant crops to the poorest families and orphans to ensure their livelihood and to give them an opportunity to take care of themselves in the future. We support women's community savings projects.

A total amount of 56.070 CZK was collected in the Prague Food Festival's UNICEF stand where people could buy a traditional Rwanda's meal “isombe” that was prepared by Zatisi Group and served by famous Czech celebrities. Festival founders decided to increase this amount by 100% and therefore, with the 1.700 CZK that was collected from shirt selling and voluntary gifts, the total proceeds climbed to113.840 CZK which means 124 goats for Rwandan families!!!


Grand Restaurant Festival - Help for Arhuacos



The Indian tribe Arhuaco seeks to gain its territory in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Colombia. They are going to receive a share of the earnings from the Grand Restaurant Festival. Take part in buying a tasting!

Everyone lives in peace, in the security of their home, in the place where their ancestors were born. Not everyone is that lucky. There is an ancient Indian community, the direct descendants of the civilization of Chibcha Tayron, who, besides the Mayans, the Aztecs and the Incas, formed one of the four pillars of the then-South American civilization. When Colombian conquerors landed in Spain at the beginning of the 16th century, part of this Indian community escaped from the attacking troops to the hard-to-reach mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to save their bare lives. They left fertile places in the lowlands where they were farming and fishing. At higher altitudes, they were forced to learn to grow coffee, cocoa, potatoes, platans, juice etc. New settlers who settled in conquered villages, in time, discovered how the Sierra Nevada territory was rich in minerals and began to mine. Others plundered the original vegetation and disrupted the entire ecosystem. The rivers from which the Indians once drank are today either dry or contaminated by mining.

The purpose of the Arhuancos Foundation is to help real living Indians who have resisted the fate of more than 400 years, but nowadays they face an extinction thanks to advanced mining technology, the arrogance of political power, and the ever-expanding tourism.

For more information visit:



Prague Food Festival - 1 daily meal for each Indian child

From each purchased ticket, we sent 10 Czech crowns to the Akshaya Patra Foundation, which aims to provide Indian children with at least one hot meal a day and allow them to attend school. Akshaya Patra Foundation is an Indian nonprofit organization founded in 2000. Their daily food program for starving children is extended to 11 Indian states. Today, the foundation manages to feed over 1.6 million children in approximately 14,000 schools each day. The Akshaya Patra Foundation's vision is to feed 5 million young students by 2020.

More about foundation:

Prague Food Festival - Taste Waste


At the Prague Castle ball room, visitors could get acquainted with the Philosophy of Taste Waste, meaning a philosophy of not wasting food. The company "without packaging" was introduced again as well as transposed butter Dobré Ghí, Kokoza with its composting, Držovice Farm with environmentally friendly products, creative Nila and glass bottle manufacturers of Srna Glass.



Prague Food Festival – The Healthy Way


Prague Food Festival could again show off interesting projects and companies merging gastronomy and health in a broader sense – healthy people, healthy nature, and healthy society. The visitors may have come across those on tens of stands in the Ball Games Hall at Prague Castle where they could taste special healthy menu and local delicacies. Various workshops and cooking shows of star chefs with a common topic of healthy lifestyle took place there, too.

The Healthy Way offered a walk through the whole lifecycle of healthy ingredients – preparation of fertile ground and seeds (Kokoza), products from Czech farms (Držovice, Šonov) and their processors (Pro-Bio, Řemeslná Koláčkova pekárna, Pastafidli, Koldokol, UGO), environment-friendly distribution (Bezobalu), and, finally, healthy meals prepared by the winner of Maurer’s Selection Grand Restaurant 2015 Terasa u Zlaté studně and The Sexy Curry Company.


Kokoza cuketa Bezobalu team



Grand Restaurant Festival – Together for e-Svačinky!

It was our pleasure to support the unique project eSvačinky again. This project brings pupils of schools in the town of Pardubice healthy and tasty snacks, prepared, packaged and distributed by handicapped people for whom this project means a chance to have a job and overcome social isolation. 

Although everybody behind this project do their best, behave professionally and work on continuous development of eSvačinky, the project still has to struggle with many barriers not only of the financial nature. While doing their job, the project members meet many parents whose ideas of healthy eating of their children are inaccurate or completely wrong. Such education has become one of the most important goals of the project. The daily hard work has brought the first fruits as the number of schools using the eSvačinky services has been increasing. The project members even managed to remove vending machines with sweets from some schools and inspire radical changes in school canteens.


Together, we managed to donate CZK 52,062 to eSvačinky.






The Grand Restaurant team founded MAU, a civic association that supports organizations, associations and individuals contributing to the development of our philosophy “No Dumb Eating, Drinking or Living” and trying to change things around. Many of them need financial or mental support. Monika Maurerová, the leader of this team, awarded five chosen teams with CZK 70.000. The awarding ceremony took place in the Ball Games Hall at Prague Castle on November 27, 2013.




There were five projects awarded:


eSvačinky   eSvačinky - Czech Abilympics Association
The aim of the eSvačinky project based in the town of Pardubice is to positively influence the eating habits of elementary-school pupils and teach them to eat healthy, fresh and tasty food. The project is organized by the Czech Abilympics Association which has been helping disabled people with their integration into normal lives for sixteen years. Disabled people prepare, package and distribute snacks, which helps them to overcome social isolation and keep a normal lifestyle.
Klub V. kolona   V. kolona club – Green Doors Civic Association 
Green Doors is a civic association that has been helping young people with schizophrenia for twenty years. It supports their return to work, enables them to develop their work skills and helps them to find and keep jobs. The civic association is a registered social service provider and an operator of one vegetarian restaurant and two successful training cafés with symbolic names: Café Na půl cesty (The Half Way Café) in the Prague district of Pankrác, V. kolona club located in the Bohnice psychiatric hospital, and Mlsná Kavka restaurant on Florenc, Prague.
Cooks without homes   Cooks without homes – Jako doma Civic Association
They have no home, but love cooking and want to share their skills with others. The “Cooks without homes” project of the Jako doma organization gives a chance to women with unstable living situation (such as women living in shelters, hostels etc.). Although in a difficult situation, these women do not give up – and thanks to the “Cooks without homes” project, they have a chance to prove their skills, tell their stories and contribute to removal of stereotypes about homelessness.
Food bank   Food bank – Potravinová banka Praha (Food Bank Praha) Civic Association
The aim of every food bank is to gather food that is likely to be thrown away (near expiration date, packages not full enough, damaged packages, non-standard shape) and to distribute it among 80 organizations taking care for the poor and needy. They cooperate not only with big organizations such as Diaconia, Naděje or Salvation Army, but also with dozens of small ones such as children shelters Klokánek, orphanages, shelters etc. There are also several food supply chains aware of their social responsibility on the list of donors.
Nextdoor Family   Nextdoor Family – Slovo 21 Civic Association
The Slovo 21 Civic Association has been organizing collective lunches called “Nextdoor Family” for ten years. So far, more than 1000 families of both Czechs and foreigners living in the Czech Republic have enjoyed these lunches. During these informal meetings, families from the whole world get to know each other and become friends. Not only does the project enrich the Czech society, it also represents a unique gastronomical event. In 2012, the project expanded to other member states of the European Union as 2000 people from the Czech Republic, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Slovakia, Spain and Portugal participated in it.

These original projects are definitely worth your attention and also help, either sponsor help or volunteer help. Feel free to contact them. 


Děkujeme za poděkování :)


Jako doma, o.s.
Green Doors




Traditional Czech cuisine and human rights?

In 2012, Amnesty International celebrated their 20th anniversary in the Czech Republic and 50th anniversary since its very foundation! And the birthday was celebrated with great food!

As a part of the GRAND RESTAURANT FESTIVAL, a special event took place in the best restaurant Terasa u Zlaté Studně on January 29, 2012. Pavel Sapík, the chef of the winning restaurant, prepared a unique gourmet experience.

Amnesty International blew its birthday candles after everybody enjoyed the most wonderful sirloin cream sauce, a traditional Czech meal. Moreover, the good feeling of all participants was enhanced as money collected for sirloin cream sauce in the restaurant Terasa u Zlaté Studně (the winner of Maurer’s Selection Grand Restaurant 2012) went to human rights protection in China, Iran and Syria
In May 2011, the then president Václav Havel became the first supporter of the Amnesty International campaign for unjustly imprisoned ever, (not only) because Amnesty International fought for him when he was also a prisoner. 



The discovery of a new dish confers more happiness on humanity, than the discovery of a new star.
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin